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SPM 2009 Chemistry TIPS

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SPM 2009 Chemistry TIPS
Updated till 5th December 2009 (Friday)

Paper 2
Section A
Q1. Soap – Hardwater, Food Additives, Medicine
Q2. Atoms, Electron Arrangement, Heating – Melting Point
Q3. Empirical Formula – MgO or CuO
Q4. Neutralisation – Calculation and Equations
Q5. Redox Reaction – U-tube, KMnO4 with FeSO4 or Cl2 with KI
Q6A. Hydrocarbon – alkene, alcohol, flow chart, esterification
Q6B Preparation of Soluble and Insoluble Salt,
Section B
Q7. Ionic Bond and Covalent Bond – Electrical Conductivity and Melting Point
Q8. Electroplating experiment and Voltaic Cell/Daniel Cell
Q9. Alloy, Composite Material, Contact Process
Q10. Heat of combustion – alcohol, propanol, butanol, experiment, calculations

Paper 3
Q1. Group 1 – reactivity, variables, observation, pH value of alkali,
or Voltaic Cell – cell voltage difference, variables, observation, operational definition
Q2. Rate of Reaction – Temperature or Catalyst
or Rusting of Iron Nail – Sacrificial Protection

7 Most Important Things to Study for SPM Chemistry 2009
1. Reactivity Series, Experiment, How to Arrange
2. Food Additives and Modern Medicine
3. Rate of reaction, compare experiments, hydrogen peroxide, calculate ROR
4. Heat, explain energy profile diagram, calculations
5. Compare Alkane and Alkene, and how to convert to other compound
6. Salt, zinc nitrate, zinc oxide, colour, changes
7. Sodium thiosulphate + acid experiment

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